Richard Tracey

Richard resides in Scotland with his wife and two girls. He has been interested in music from a very young age and had ambitions of writing and singing songs when he was still at school.

This interest in music stemmed from the music of the late 70's and early 80's, which to Richard was probably the most creative and interesting period for music. With the advent of synthesiser music and the New Romantics ruling the airwaves, Richard fell in love with bands like Ultravox (including Midge Ure), Visage, Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark and Depeche Mode to name but a few.

When he was 16 years of age, Richard started writing lyrics for the songs he had in his head. Looking back on them now he realises about 90% of them were about girls, so they will never see the light of day again.

Over the years, Richard tinkered with writing music on the keyboard, but never took it any further.

Around 2012 he purchased a MacBook and started using Garageband, before quickly upgrading to Logic Pro X. Using a midi-controller, he found he was able to get the ideas he had stored in his head out into a DAW. This led to a very productive period where he was learning and writing songs and ideas at a very fast rate.

Since then he has purchased several other pieces of equipment for his home studio and a lot of virtual instruments and plugins to enable him to enhance his music.

He currently has over 100 finished songs waiting to be produced and about 5 times that in ideas in various levels of creation.

Richard chose the name Jigsaw Sequence as an artist name. This is a line in the Ultravox song 'Rage In Eden', which is one of his favourite albums.

In 2017, Richard decided to try and do something with these songs and through a chance meeting on Twitter has started working with Mark Kendrick (aka FUSED), who has been producing and remixing the songs released so far. Richard has been learning a lot about the production/mixing and mastering of the tracks from Mark, that he is now going to do everything himself going forward.

Richard has recently started remixing other artists songs, with one finished, another near completion and two more in the pipeline.