Well I have finally decided to create my own website with the intention of posting news about the music I am creating.

I am hoping to have an EP ready by the end of October 2017, with the working title of INSIDE. The title is from one of the songs I started this week and I am hoping to have a teaser up on the site at some point soon (it is still an early work in progress).

The EP should have 5 songs, but I am currently in the process of working out which of the many songs I have started, will fit together for this release.

The image on the front page for the EP is a temporary image created using the OVER app and stock images from Unsplash. It has a rough feel for what I am looking for with the artwork, so fingers crossed, the final image shouldn't look too far off from what is shown.

If you are interested in hearing any of my work in progress tracks, then you can visit:

and search for me, but please feel free to stay and have a listen to some fantastic songs that my fellow members are creating. SongStuff is a great resource for information for any budding musicians or lyricists, as well as a great community who are always willing to listen and offer critique.

Anyway, hope to have something up soon.... RT

Richard Tracey