Update - 1st July 2018

Well, I decided to go with just the one release - 'I Don't Want To Live This Way', which was released on 29th June 2018.

I wasn't happy with my vocals on 'The Best In Me'. Due to the lovely weather we have had this year so far, my sinuses were playing up and affecting my singing. So, I decided to wait till it had calmed down a bit.

I am looking to try the vocals again this week and Mark (Fused) has already produced the music, so I am hoping it won't take him long to fit the vocals to it. He has done a great job with the music I sent him. I am really pleased.

I am now trying to identify a couple of other tracks to finish off to include in an EP for 'The Best In Me' release, so will keep you posted on this.

I have started a lot of other tracks, but really pleased with one called 'Crawling Over Broken Glass'. I am hoping to try and produce this track and a couple of others for another future EP. I want to see if I have learned anything from working with Mark. One of the tracks for this EP will be 'It Must Come To All', which I wrote today. It is an instrumental and I am looking forward to finishing it off as it sounds beautiful and haunting. I will post a SoundCloud link on the site of the work in progress.



Richard Tracey