So what's been happening?

Well.... I am looking to revamp the website, so hopefully there will be a few changes coming over the next couple of months.

I am also going to be looking at future releases and putting everything into some kind of order and making a decision on track listings etc.

I have also started remixing other artists music. So far I have completed one, with another almost finished and two more to do after that.

Going forward, I am hoping to carry out the production/mix and mastering of all my upcoming music releases myself. I have been learning a lot from Mark (Fused), but he has started to become rather busy with remix and production requests since we started working together, that it's about time I stood on my own two feet and did it myself. I know he will be there as a soundboard and to offer advice where required. He also needs to get on with his own releases!!!

As well as the Synthpop/Synthwave type tracks, I have also started producing more ambient cinematic pieces. One of them has been released on Apple Music and Spotify, with the follow up hopefully coming in the next week or two. This is going to be a series of ambient releases and I am hoping - if I can get some traction with them - to have them featured in a TV programme or movie, as they are definitely written with that idea in mind,

There are so many things I want to do with the music and not enough time. I am looking at how to promote the music properly, using the resources available to all of the indie artists.


Richard Tracey