On this page you will find links to some pages I think you may find interesting.


This is a link to FUSED a one man musician/producer who is creating electronic/synth music of a very high standard. He has just helped me recently by producing my new song Heroes. Please check him out.


--- The songstuff website is an invaluable resource for information for any aspiring or established musicians/lyricists and I would advise you to have a look and hopefully join up.

I joined this site in 2016 and quickly realised that I was amongst a lot of fellow songwriters who were looking to create their own music and lyrics and with the assistance of the community, make them the best they could be. They are an incredibly friendly bunch of people from all over the world, who are willing to listen and offer critique when asked.

I am now a moderator on the website and speak regularly to the person responsible for the site and who is a massive help to me as I look to venture out with my first release (he is the reason why I have created and update this website).