Synthpop Music

Synthpop/Synthwave music is my main focus when creating music. It is the music I grew up listening to in the 80's and it is the music that was the soundtrack to my life, even today.

So far I have released four singles/EP's, which are available on all music distribution and streaming sites.




Release date: 1st December 2017


1. Heroes

Heroes was the first release and my first track working with Mark (aka FUSED) as producer. I always liked the idea behind this song and the message it conveyed. I always hoped this track would have reached a lot more people, as I would like to think it might help someone realise they don't have to suffer alone and there are always people out there to help them.



Release date: 31st March 2018


1. Beyond The Veil (Radio Edit)

2. Beyond The Veil (Extended Mix)

3. Beyond The Veil (12" Fused Remix)

4. Beyond The Veil (Retro Remix)

Beyond The Veil was the second release and was probably one of my favourite songs I had written up till then. It took about an hour to complete the demo and stayed like that for about a year or more, before Mark produced the track. He really got the essence of this song, so much so that he produced a few remixes of the track.



Release date: 11th May 2018


1. Charon

2. Heroes (Black Remix)

3. Beyond The Veil (Fused ReRemix)

Charon was the third release and was an intermediate EP, while I was deciding on the tracklist for the next proper release. Mark had done another remix of Beyond The Veil and then wanted to do a remix of Heroes, so they were bundled with Charon, which is an otherworldly type of track that had been sitting in limbo for a while. Again Mark knew exactly what it needed with the production.



Release date: 29th June 2018


1. I Don't Want To Live This Way

2. Before The Fall

3. Glass

I Don't Want To Live This Way is the fourth release and all three tracks were again produced by Mark. The lead track is a full on synthpop song, but the other two tracks are slightly different. Before The Fall is a synth ballad and Glass is an almost experimental instrumental I had written in 2016.