February 2019 - Update

Well 2018 ended without the album release, but I did finish off another new track which was released on 1st December 2018, called Changing Times. I did everything myself on this release, production/mixing and mastering.

The ‘Journey’ album has been put on hold, as I now have a new idea for that title and what I want to do with the album.

I am currently working on the album that will be released, called ‘Prophecy’. It is a ten track album with two instrumentals and it contains around seven new tracks that have been written specifically for this album.

I am hoping to have it completed and released by the end of May 2019 at the latest, with the lead single ‘Dance of the Machines’ just before it.

The track list for Prophecy is:

01. Dance of the Machines

02. Light A Revolution

03. Prophecy

04. Apollon

05. End of the World

06. Everything To Me

07. Artemis

08. The Great Unknown

09. We Are Forever

10. Farewell

Richard Tracey